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 In-Office or Zoom Sessions


Your baby's movement, her ability to complete tummy time, his resistance, everything, is important. A newborn, yes, start now. Missed crawling? We can still work on movement. Tummy issues? Easing colic means addressing gas with my favorite medicine Colic Calm. It's also about tummy time, baby massage, yoga moves, and keeping a home-based schedule.  Parents can also practice techniques with great results from babies to elementary school-aged children.  I can teach you a program on Zoom. 


It's a story with lots of chapters. Your story about you and your baby as well as the rest of the family.. Whether your baby is now a toddler or even a pre-teen, there's ways to reweave the original energy lines of connection and trauma. Whether you're a birth mother, had a surrogate, or are an adoptive mom the energetic matrix is still potent for healing. If it's your own birth, we can adress the womb space even decades later. 


You don't have to do this alone. You might not have access to a trauma-informed therapist or unsure how to find one, maybe even have lots of questions about whether you are experiencing PTSD. Coaching can help you understand your past experiences, how you're coping and how you might build resistance. There are workbooks and online coaching platforms. I can support your discovery. 


I have one neuroptimal unit for rent for local pickup. The unit can be used at home for self-care or for multiple family members. An intake and ongoing support are provided on a monthly basis. In office sessions are not required but encouraged. We can discuss if you're a good candidate for this self-directed program. For those in other areas there are practitioners that will ship a rental unit. We can then create an additional coaching and support program to maximize your investment. 

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